We moved here from NYS. Before we moved to NC I contacted some realtors because we were looking to buy a house. Some of the realtors contacted me back, but when they found out I wasn’t looking to buy a 6 digit figure house they blew me off! I emailed Mark Hawe on a listing he had. He called me and asked us all the right questions to help us find a house. Mark looked very hard for us when we were in NY and continued to when we were in NC. He always had our best interest in mind. When we purchased a house, he scheduled all the inspections and was present for them when they took place. All of the people he used to do the different inspections I was very impressed with. He attended our closing and stayed until the deed was recorded. This is our 5th house we have purchased. I never had a realtor that did so much and with such care. If you decide to go with Mark Hawe as a Realtor you won’t regret it!