Erica Soto - Siler City REALTOR®


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I am a proud North Carolinian, born in Chapel Hill and raised in the rural town of Siler City. Lived in several different cities across the state creating lasting experiences and friendships. However, there is nothing like being close to home, which led me back to the heart of North Carolina, Chatham County. It’s there, where I met my husband and grew our family, which now includes four beautiful daughters.

In early 2020, I seized the opportunity to join local State Farm agencies. This career allowed me to cultivate charisma, expand my knowledge, and refine my skills, ultimately shaping me into the role as a Licensed Insurance Agent. My journey as an insurance agent has not only been professionally rewarding but also personally fulfilling. I’ve had the privilege of establishing numerous relationships with North Carolina residents within my community, throughout the state, including those who have moved here from a different state. I am passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of protecting major assets, particularly in the realms of Real Estate and Investment Properties.

Perhaps, you’re wondering, “Why did I choose to transition my career in real estate?” The answer lies in personal experience. When my husband and I sold our first home, and embarked on the adventure of building a new one, I gained a deep appreciation for the role of a Realtor. Witnessing the dedication and guidance provided by our Realtor left a lasting impression on me. My passion for serving others, combined with my background in property insurance equips me with the essential skills to be your trusted guide in realizing your dream of homeownership. I am here to help you navigate this intimidating task with confidence and to ensure that your journey towards homeownership is not only successful but also a fulfilling experience. Your best interests are at the heart of our relationship.


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