A living room staged by Chatham Homes Realty in a house that is for sale

Staging your house is an essential part of today's house-selling process. Beautifully arranged furniture and modern home decor help your home put its best foot forward for open houses and listing photos. Good staging can also help turn your home into an attractively blank slate that more buyers can imagine themselves living in. Choosing to stage your home is simple, but knowing how to best stage a house that sells is tricky. In this brief guide, we discuss the advantages of DIY and professional home staging so you can pick the right choice for your home and timeline.

What is House Staging?

House staging is all about setting the stage. During the home staging process, your home could be cleaned, have new furnishings, lighting, and home decor arranged in the rooms, and otherwise be redecorated. Home staging processes are designed to make the space appealing to prospective homeowners. This process can be done before your home is photographed, immediately before open houses, or before showings begin. 

Benefits of Staging Your Home to Sell It

Home staging can seem like extra work on top of an already stressful process. But, according to NAR's 2021 Profile of Home Staging, "Forty-seven percent of buyers' agents cited that home staging had an effect on most buyers' view of the home." In fact, some of the specific benefits of staging your home include:

  • Making the space seem larger: A well-staged home has furnishings and decor that make rooms seem large and airy, especially because staged homes don't have all the storage demands and belongings of a lived-in home.
  • Making the space extra inviting: That same NAR report found that good staging helps people visualize a house as a home. Neutral colors, area rugs, and cozy accents and details make potential buyers fall in love with your home.
  • Your home isn't left empty: If you've already moved out of your home, that can make the space feel empty and uninviting. Staging with rented furniture lets you settle into your new home faster.

Should You Hire a Pro to Stage a House That Sells or Do It Yourself?

Like with many of the choices you have when you're buying and selling a home, there are multiple different options that you can choose between. Some people prefer DIY staging, while others would rather leave it in the hands of professionals. Consider these advantages of either approach:

Advantages of DIY Home Staging

When you opt for DIY staging, you can:

  • Stay within your budget: Staging costs money. You're paying for the designer's time and expertise, not just the furnishings and decor. So by handling the tasks yourself, you get the benefits of staging without hiring another professional (or team of professionals), and you get to keep more of the profits on the home.
  • It can be fun: Staging your home is a fun opportunity if you love interior design and styling. Whether you use your own furniture or you rent some just for showings, you can polish your skills and learn a few tips for styling your new home, too.
  • It's convenient if you're still living in the home: You can live at home and stage a house that sells simultaneously. If you're the interior designer, you'll still know where everything is and where you're keeping odds and ends out of sight. This can go a long way to making the moving and home-selling processes less stressful!

Best Practices for DIY Home Staging 

  • Keep the space light and airy: Natural lighting is an excellent tool for selling any home. Consider switching out your UV-blocking curtains for some gauzy window treatments that make every room pleasantly bright.
  • Add in some new touches: New kitchen cabinet handles, a new rug by the back door, and new light bulbs make your home look bright and clean. If you don't want to add new decor, still take away the old; keep old rugs, trash bins, and scuffed furniture out of sight. 

Advantages of Professional Home Staging

Professional home staging comes in many different styles. A designer can help you create the optimal layout for your existing furnishings, or they can supercharge your layout with rented furniture and home decor. Some of the benefits of opting for professional staging include:

  • Convenience: When you work with professionals, they can handle it all. This takes staging entirely off your to-do list so you can focus on moving out of your old home, moving into your new home, and making sure your family gets settled.
  • The Potential to Increase Your Selling Price: Home staging, in general, can get you more offers, but professional staging might make those offers higher. Professional stagers know all the latest interior design trends to stage a house that sells and what strategic layouts best fit your floor plan. They also know what photographs well for your online listing. Their expertise can help you get a faster deal for a higher price.

Best Practices for Finding a Professional Home Stager in Chatham and Wake Counties

If you've decided a professional stager is the right fit for your property, we want to help you find a company you'll enjoy working with. Follow these tips:

  • Ask your realtor for a recommendation of a professional who can stage a house that sells: Realtors regularly interact with stagers, furniture rental companies, and photographers. They can suggest a few design teams near Chatham or Wake County that know local trends, are friendly to work with, and can help make your home look its best.
  • Choose a professional home stager with the level of service you're looking for: Whether you're just looking for a one-time virtual consultation, a stager who will work with your existing furniture and decor, or a staging service that handles all of the furnishing, touch ups, and photography for you, there's an option out there. Don't settle for a service that doesn't feel like a perfect fit.

Work With Chatham Homes Realty to Sell Your Chatham County Home

At Chatham Homes Realty, we're here to help you through every stage of the home selling and home buying process. Talk to our agents today about how to get a great price for your house and enjoy a seamless, low-stress transition to your new home.

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